Get one answer only for each problem; give reason and submit to my mail.

1. Please go pick up your ID card.
a. third window
b. the window three
c. window third
d. the third window
2. May I have two....... instead of beans, please?
a. corn's ear
b. ear of corn
c. corn earn
d. ears of corn
3. If you want to find good information about graduate programs in the United State, look in.....of the College Blue Books.
a. volume two
b. volume second
c. the volume two
d. second volume
4. Let's buy our tickets while I still have......left.
a. a few money
b. a little moneys
c. a few dollars
d. a few dollar
5. The assignment for Monday was to your textbooks.
a. chapter tenth
b. the chapter ten
c. chapter the tenth
d. the tenth chapter

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